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The HSPC Reference Implementation Workgroup is currently building the reference implementation for the HSPC Technical Specification, as well as tools that aid and promote the development of HSPC applications. We are currently seeking developers to help us with the effort. Please comment below if your interested in getting involved.

Follow this link for information on how to download, install, and configure the HSPC Reference Implementation.

The Team


At HPSC, we're most interested in seeing that an ecosystem is created that accelerates the creation, sharing and delivery of promising software applications at the point of care. With that in mind, we are actively seeking strategic collaborations to that end. 

HSPC & SMART on FHIR Collaborations

For data virtualization and integration of web applications inside of EHRs, the HSPC has adopted the SMART on FHIR specification for authorization and application launch context. Built on top of the emerging standard of FHIR, we share a common need for a reference implementation and various client integration libraries. Below is a list of complete, active, or possible collaborations.

Name & Link to documentation

HSPC/SMART Java Client Collaboration

COMPLETEJava Client Library Agile Project Portal

HSPC/SMART Reference Implementation Collaboration

IN PROGRESSReference Implementation Agile Project Portal
Pub/Sub Event FrameworkPROPOSED 
Profile Authoring ToolPROPOSED 
Logical Clinical Model Application Development ToolsPROPOSED 
Data generator toolPROPOSEDA utility that would help generate useful clinical data based on a set of resources and potentially profiles.
Conformance Testing Tool/FrameworkPROPOSEDUtilities to test applications conformance to the specification
Data Bulk LoaderPROPOSED 
Sharable Data Set BuilderPROPOSEDUtility to create and share a set of data

Reference Implementation JIRA Activity

For the Reference Implementation Agile Board go here.


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