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The Technology and Architecture Committee purpose is to define a logical service-oriented architecture, an endorsed content model and a technical specification to support interoperable applications. The recommendations of this Committee include service definitions, security model, eventing, and user interface integrations requirements that compliant HSPC platforms will implement and third party application developers will develop their applications against. 

Please note that, while this paged is aimed at architects and system integrators, detailed developer resources can be found here.

HSPC Architectural principles

HSPC adopts a 4-layer model :

  • A common, logical architecture model
    This is where the relevant functional requirements, capabilities, content models and their interactions and inter-dependencies are defined
    By mission, the HSPC architecture is open, service oriented, model and knowledge driven.
  • One or more platform-independent architectural specifications
    Matching the overarching logical architecture, this is the level where standards will be adopted.
    HSPC will then endorse one reference architecture.
  • One or more platform-specific implementations
    For any given architecture, platform-specific technologies will be adopted for concrete implementation purposes.
    HSPC will provde at least one reference implementation of the reference architecture
  • One of more installations
    Implementations will be deployed at various sites for development, testing, or even production purposes.
    HSPC will maintain a reference sandbox installation of its reference implementation. 

HSPC Architecture Workgroup

The HSPC Architecture Workgroup are defining the spec App Developers and EHR Developers will implement to become HSPC enabled. 

HSPC Technical Specification Workgroup

The HSPC Technical Specification, in its evolving state, reflects the HSPC endorsed standards and technologies for the creation of
the service oriented platform which supports the HSPC compliant applications.

HSPC Reference Implementation Workgroup

The HSPC Reference Implementation Workgroup are working together to build the reference implementation of the HSPC Technical Specification.
For current documentation about the existing HSPC Reference Implementation, including how to download, build, and install it, go here.

HSPC Sandboxes Workgroup

The HSPC Sandbox Workgroup are working together to define the requirements of a sandbox, to host and support the HSPC Reference implementation on a cloud-based platform.  
The Workgroup is also focused on collecting useful de-identified clinical data and foundational content to enable the sandbox's functionalities.  
For documentation about the current sandboxes go here.


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