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HSPC's efforts to create an interoperable HIT ecosystem are divided into a group of initiatives. Each initiative is a combination of people, projects, and resources that together help to achieve a specific aim.

  • Facilitate the Creation and Sharing of Applications and Services ACTIVE

    • ...

  • Create a Reference Implementation of a Common SOA ACTIVE

    • Establish a core architecture for community activity. For product conformance, develop version 1.0 of a community HSPC platform.

  • Develop Terminology and Information Models ACTIVE

    • ...

  • Support Authoring and Sharing of Knowledge Content ACTIVE

    • Support reliable authoring and sharing of a variety of knowledge content to support clinical decisions and processes...
    • Support reliable authoring and representation for a variety of knowledge content artifacts to support health related decision making and process management in a platform independent manner.
    • Support the reliable transition and runtime execution...
    • Sharing of CDS artifacts.
  • Create Development Resources and Environment ACTIVE

    • ...
  • Adopt and Implement Approved Standards ???

    • ...
  • Support Conformance and Certification Testing FORMING

    • Develop a process for certifying applications, services, and artifacts as HSPC compliant.
  • Support a Vendor and Provider Neutral Marketplace FORMING

    • ...



Welcome to the HSPC wiki. This site is a collaboration tool used by the members of the Healthcare Services Platform Consortium (HSPC) to manage and coordinate the various efforts of the group. If you are looking for more general information about HSPC such as background, announcements, or upcoming meetings, please visit out website listed below.


Join Our Mailing List

Please join our mailing list to be notified about important developments and meetings for the Healthcare Services Platform Consortium.

Getting Started for Application Developers

Looking to make your app HSPC compliant or to build an HSPC app from scratch? Use this guide to get started.

Getting Started for Platform/EHR Developers

Looking to make your existing EHR/EMR HSPC compliant or to build an HSPC Tier 1 Platform from scratch? Use this guide to get started.

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